Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lucia- The Mouthshutter, The Trendsetter!

Some say dreams are the escapes from unfavorable, frustrating or disappointing realms of reality. Some say it's just the other way round, that dreams are instruments that help us get even with reality with better terms. Either way, they are undoubtedly interesting as hell! 
Pawan proves it, yet again, with Lucia.

It’s the first time since ages that I’m seeing the audience who have already watched the movie, refusing to reveal the twist of the thrilling climax, just because they want others to actually go and watch the movie for themselves!


The story starts with an insomniac young chap in search of sleep. In one of his late-night roam-abouts, he is offered with a pill, Lucia, that not only helps him sleep but also dream about how he wants his life to be. As he starts taking his pills, the parallels of reality and dreams begin to unravel, creating two new tracks of his lives. 

What's so amazing?

You name it! The concept, the performances, the background scores, the camerawork, the dialogues, the character treatment, the rendering, and according to me, the real hero, being the screenplay. The style of parallelism in the chronology reminds me of the movie, Sliding Doors but Lucia, being far more just and well-presented, is definitely a winner. 

Another special compliment!

Firstly, a huge applause for bringing about a change in films by making it crowd-funded and releasing it all over India and making it reach the world via Home Talkies. 
Secondly, in most of the so-called psycho-thriller or mindfuck films I've seen, by the last ten minutes or so, there is a huge tension piled up and the story paces too quickly in the end, trying to answer all questions in a matter of minutes.One scene- and Bam! Secret revealed. But Lucia differs. It maintains its steady pace. By the end, it doesn't show obligations to answer the questions. It just flowsIt is this refreshing change in the style of storytelling that caught me by surprise- giving the "Oh, wow!" feeling, keeping the story so steadily and naturally flowing. (No sudden heart attacks. Just pure thrill!)
Kudos, Pawan! :)

What's not so amazing?

The pace, post interval. The audience have already gotten used to the rhythm of the movie by interval and a little overdose of Pathos after this, bores. Apart from the "Nee maayeyolago.." portion of "Nee thoreda", it resembles more-or-less same emotions as "Yako Barlilla". There is a little Patho tidbit of "Jamma jamma" as well. Nevertheless, the film very crisply picks up after the "Pen-stand levitation scene".   
The songs are great, but to go hand-in-hand with the visual and intellectual treat the movie has to offer, there was much more room for experimentation with the songs. 

This has been the movie I expected the most this year. And the fact that it was so amazing, might be because I was so strongly convinced that Pawan always has something out of the ordinary to offer. And I wasn't disappointed. Neither will you be. 

Lucia just doesn't deserve to be missed! 

A last note

Being a fan of Pawan since Manasaare, and being very fond of Lifeu Ishtene, this review of Lucia is as unbiased as it can get! 

People who commented lightly about Kannada movies, are now keeping mum, all thanks to Lucia! 
I wish this creates a whole new trend of film-making, and encourages passionate people with a vision to make films which creatively and bravely defy the commercial grammar of cinema. 

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